Friday, 4th Juli 2014

Gintare Lewis
David Lewis

Our Story… or “How we fell in love”

It was nearly seven years ago when we started flirting with each other…

Gintare was dancing in world’s famous club “Amnesia” in Ibiza and David was the promotor of the event.

It turned out to be the
best Summer ever for us!

(David) After a couple of weeks of seeing her beautiful smile 😉 I asked if she wanted to go to the beach or have dinner with me. She replied with a cold NO (practically the only English word she spoke:)) but I didn’t give up and my persistence paid off till one day she said she would share a pizza with me.

(Gintare) Sooo, My story starts with me working every night as a dancer and dealing with an attack of guys. I had a strong alibi though: “parler a ma main, I have a boyfriend” 🙂 David was not an exception. When I told him that, he answered back “And I have a girlfriend, so let’s be friends”. I’ve never believed in guys and girls being friends. In the end I thought a male friend on the island would be nice, but I never thought a couple of weeks later I would fall in love with him !!! 

Our Story unfolds

 (David) O my God…it took 20 dates to kiss for the first time. It’s amazing that it was in front of the Cathedral where we are now getting married seven years later. The summer ended, but the dating continued, although the distance between us was 1500 kilometer. For one and a half year we travelled back and forth to see each other what was very hard sometimes. Specially when you’re visiting your girlfriend in Lithuania during Wintertime (–30c).

After Gintare finished her last year at the university of Kaunas she decided to leave her country for Holland.

(Gintare) I left my country for David not for Holland :). Anyway  before I met him I was kind of a nationalist: “I never thought of being with a foreign guy, well, not till I met David, so now I have a new life credo – Never Say Never ! 🙂

Our love story

Living in Amsterdam has been great for us. The most beautiful thing that happened there was having Tibby enter our life!

I was the one to persuade David to buy a dog and now I’m the one asking for more attention, because Tibby gets 80% and I 20% of his time 🙂

(David) Amsterdam has always been home base for us, but after living in cities like New York, Los Angeles and ibiza I don’t know what home is anymore, but I guess it doesn’t matter where I am….being with Gintare is like being at home!! This made me think about marriage, so during our beautiful holiday in Costa Rica on January 20, 2013, I proposed to her.

(Gintare) The proposal was such a big surprise to me, that I got a black out. I guess I said YES :))

Meanwhile we have flown to many countries together and have enjoyed the different cultures, food, history and it’s nature. Besides that we also love to share our passion for music and entertainment.

Our love story

We love, push/pull, need, help, support and amuse each-other and hope to be happy and healthy ever forever…