Friday, 4th Juli 2014

Gintare Lewis
David Lewis

SILVIJA - Bridesmaid

SILVIJA is my younger one and only sister, who I love very much ! Besides sisters we have always been best friends, so I couldn’t imagine my wedding Day without her. At the moment we are working together for my company CAT and hopefully we will succeed as business partners and remain loving sisters. She is lovely, friendly, brave, generous and kind-hearted girl. Silvija is talented in singing, dancing, acting, cooking and housekeeping, she would be a perfect wife. I amazed that I’m getting married before her.


GIEDRE - Bridesmaid

has been my best friend for the past 7 years (As long as I know David). We all met in the summer of 2007 in Ibiza. Giedre and me danced at the Amnesia club, shared a room at a former nun house and had fun all over the Island. Her birthday August the 16th is also our Anniversary, because David and me kissed then for the first time  Giedre is very charming, has a great sense of humor, likes reading books, fashion and tanning, but above all her biggest love is acting. Last year she finished her study at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York. I’m so proud of her and can’t wait until I’m invited when she collects her first Oscar


INGA - Bridesmaid

is my best friend who I met only 2 years ago in New York. At first I thought that she was a shy girl just rolling her huge beautiful blue eyes. But after our 2nd and 3rd meeting she turned out to be a good laugh and we became good friends. Sometimes I wonder why are we such good friends, because we are very opposite. For example: She is a morning bird, I am a night owl, she is super fast and I’m super slow. But when we are together I guess we stay in balance – she pulls and I stop  Inga is crazy about fashion, dresses and glamour events. She hardly misses fashion weeks, Chanel fashion shows all over the world. Always there is a line of women in front of her asking : – OMG were did you get that dress from !!? It’s amazing I love it!!!